Hey I'm thinking on getting the welcome skateboards slappy slap shape next. But it seems kinda big? What do you think about it? And would 159ers fit on it?

159s fit, but 169s fit better.

its a fun shape, especially for transition and ditches.

Oddly enough heelflips work super well on it too.

Dylan. now rides for Welcome #confirmed

Lol do I? Tite.


Poison Ivy of The Cramps


Poison Ivy of The Cramps

New single

Fucked Up - ‘Paper the House’

Glass Boys for summer 2014 release.


Do you think punk is dead?

nah. it just goes to bed earlier.

But 4real.

Punk still exists, but it’s different than before.

It’s less about having a terrible attitude and more about helping your friends. As long as the d.i.y. spirit is alive, punk won’t die.

Do you think original Chuck Taylor's are still good skate shoes even though they rip so quickly? (I personally love them, people just give me shit for skating me all the time in my hometown even though they are one of the most original skate shoes. I'd just like to hear someone else's opinion)

They don’t rip quickly if u super glue em. Anytime I buy chucks i cover my entire left shoe in superglue and they’ll last at least 2 months.

My buddy Nigel does the same thing.


3shove underflip

my board is so chill

my board is so chill


Miss all dem homies